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Light and airy. Dark and moody. Documentary. Photojournalism. Traditional. What do these words mean? For the most part, all of these descriptions mean absolutely nothing. They are trendy words that don’t describe much at all. So, let me ask you the real questions:

When you look back at the cornerstone of your family ancestry, do you want your images to feel like an outdated trend, or do you prefer your wedding to be captured authentically with genuine emotion in a clean, crisp style? If you answered the latter, welcome to our website. Take some time to review our work, read the FAQ and Contact us for more details.

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Welcome to Sharon Theresa Wheaton, a wedding photography team made up of husband and wife, Sharon and Bowie.

You found us! Sharon and Bowie, know by our friends as Team Wheaton, are a husband and wife wedding photography team. We're based out of Atlanta and Nashville. We have served the Atlanta as wedding professionals for almost 10 years. Everything about the melting pot of Atlanta excites us. Sadly, the one thing that does not excited us is the traffic. Because of the horrible traffic conditions, Team Wheaton has relocated to Nashville. We are happy to serve both areas, Georgia and Tennessee, travel fee free. If you comes to us from another state, we love to travel (see our Team Wheaton page). Let's chat!

Now that we have all the formal information out of the way, why don't we get to know each other?
There’s a considerable amount of wedding photographers in the world. What makes Team Wheaton so special? Our goal is to capturing extraordinary photography while executing a well-orchestrated plan. Our method is simple but effective. The process starts with gaining your trust and identifying what is important. We lead with our expertise and the results are dynamic and dramatic story telling! We will be an integral component in executing the ultimate show stopper, your wedding day. Take some time and review some of the questions below to see if Team Wheaton is right for you!

Is time management important to you?
Is it important for you to preserve your memories for future generations?
Do you appreciate a relaxed approach with light direction?
Do you care about Team Wheaton capturing and creating beautiful photography?

Do these questions resinate with your wedding visions? If so, we NEED to meet you. No matter what your budget, we will discuss the importance of time management and its importance. It is by far the most important aspect of a perfect event.


Sharon Theresa Wheaton is proud to be the Atlanta wedding community. We are lucky to be on many preferred vendor lists around the city. We enjoy working with some of the cities most talented vendors. We are well versed in cultural events. Jewish weddings, Indian weddings, Catholic weddings, Hmong weddings and even non-religious wedding events. We proudly serve the LGBT community. We promise to treat every person with love, respect and professionalism. We are lucky to be a growing part of the Nashville wedding photography scene. All wedding in Georgia and Tennessee are travel fee free.