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How would you describe your style?

Our style is a part documentary and part design. Bowie’s background in documentary videography shapes how he approaches each image. My graphic design background plays a large role in how I approach my photography, but also how I design my time. Our ability to read moods and expect situations in real time shapes our approach. Our style falls in line with wedding photojournalism, but we also like to give direction. Once placed in the perfect lighting we allow moments to unfold. But, our style does not start with our camera or our eyes. Our style starts with a plan. My precise scheduling of your event is an essential element to our style.Time management is essential to our creative process. More importantly, my planning allows you to live every moment of your wedding day. You will never have to wonder, "what's next?"

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Do you travel to any wedding?

Yes. We shoot weddings in both Nashville and Atlanta and we're based out of both cities. Our address is in Nashville, but we travel anywhere. Any wedding in Georgia or Tennessee is travel fee-free. We love living in Nashville but travel to Atlanta once or twice a month, more if necessary. Having your wedding somewhere else? We are well equipped to travel to your destination.

Do you take posed photos?

Yes, sometimes we do take posed photos. We shoot a mix of wedding photojournalism and posed portraits. Yet, we also photograph Family Formals like the image you see below. Before the wedding day I will send you a Family Formal worksheet. It's a guide to get you started on your final list. Keeping the final list short will allow us to shoot the more important, real moments of your wedding day. We have proven time again that our method for Family Formals will make the task quick and enjoyable.

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Do you work with a second photographer?

Yes, his name is Mr. Bowie Brahms Wheaton and we wouldn’t be Team Wheaton without his help and support. He doubles as an assistant, but shoots the entire wedding day and engagement session. You get a two photographer perspective your entire wedding day. Bowie and I are a team and shoot everything together. Since I make your photographic timeline, I can explain to you how this is accomplished with ease. Why hire a team with two photographers and not get two perspectives the entire day?

Do you edit your own work?

YES. We do not send any images out of the studio for editing. Every image is hand edited and reviewed by me (Sharon). It is important to us that your images reflect your mind's eye memory. Your images edits are created to stand the test of time. Natural color and black and white images are the only photos our studio produces.

Do you provide video?

We are photographers and do not provide video for our clients. We do have a list of vendors we’d be happy to send your way.

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We want to have our engagement session at a specific location in Atlanta.
Do we need special permission?

The answer to this question varies. Atlanta has exploded on to the Hollywood scene and some places might need a permit and likely has a fee. There are plenty of places in the city that do not need a permit and we can discuss those at your consultation. This also applies to any special location other than your venue that you may want to visit on your wedding day.

We want to have our engagement session at one of the area parks in Nashville. Do we need special permission?

Yes. All metro parks, including Bicentennial Park and Centennial Park, need a permit. We get a permit for all the area parks for the entire year, but, we have to put in a request each time we want to shoot at those locations. It easy and we will take care of all the details. Nashville is a little more relaxed than Atlanta, but we still like to play by the rules! This also applies to any special location other than your venue that you may want to visit on your wedding day.

Do we receive high-resolution files?

Yes, around 500-700 images depending on your wedding day. events. Engagement session image delivery hovers around 50-100 images. Photos live on a password protected website and are available for download at any time.

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How long does it take to receive our engagement and wedding photos?

It takes 2 weeks to complete your engagement session images. Images are delivered via password protected gallery. All images can be downloaded from the gallery at any time. It takes 6-9 weeks to edit your wedding photos and make sure every single image is perfect. We deliver most images in color but we also deliver some images in black and white.

What is a password protected gallery?

A password protected gallery is the place where your final images live. We suggest you download the images and back them up on a remote drive. The studio archives a back-up of delivered images for at least one year. High-resolution images continue to live in the password protected gallery.

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How long does it take to receive our album and what is the process?

Once we deliver your wedding story, the studio will design a draft of your wedding photo album. The initial design will tell the story from my perspective. I'll send you a copy so you review and make changes. We work on the album until you approve and then I send it off to my amazing album vendor. The physical production of the album may takes 2 weeks. The time it takes to complete the album will vary depending on your schedule. .

Do we receive Raw files?

Unfortunately, we do not offer raw files.

Can we print our images?

Yes, and please do. Albums are the best way to preserve your images for future generations. But, but because you have access to all the final images online, you can print and share any image you desire.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. Most locations we shoot require us to have liability insurance. On top of that, we have equipment insurance as well. We can provide any venue or client with proof of liability insurance at any time.

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Can you hold my date?

We offer first right of refusal to the first person who requests information for a specific date. If we have another request for that date, we need an answer upon the new request. To hold your date we will need a $1500 non-refundable retainer.

What is your payment schedule?

As stated above, we will need a $1500 retainer to save your date. After the initial retainer, you have two more payments. 90 days before your wedding 50% of your balance is due. 15 days before your wedding, your final payment is due. The studio will send reminders no less than 2 weeks before the due date.

What if I need to cancel my wedding?

We hope with all our hearts canceling your wedding will not be something that you have to deal with. In the unforeseen event that you have to cancel your wedding, you have a couple of options. If you are moving your wedding date and we are available, we move forward. If I am not available, the retainer is still non-refundable as we had to pass over work to hold your wedding date. If you cancel your wedding 90 days or less from your wedding date, your entire balance is due at cancelation.

What happens if you get sick?

We have never missed a wedding and we won’t be starting with your wedding I assure you. I have had the pleasure of photographing an engagement session with the stomach flu. Bowie also had the stomach flu. A lot of our clients travel to Atlanta and Nashville for destination events. Our clients were in from California and we had to shoot the session while they were in the city. We shot the session with the stomach flu and nobody was the wiser. I have also had the pleasure of photographing a wedding with a busted and cut hand and another with a fever. Team Wheaton will be at your wedding unless we die.

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Do you offer discounts?

Sometimes we do offer discounts but it depends on the time of year and the location of the wedding. If you connect with our work and philosophy, we would like to speak with you.

Do you shoot elopements or private venue events?

Yes, and we have a portfolio to prove that no wedding is too small for our expert service! We’ve shot weddings with 12 guests and weddings with 500 guests.

Do we need to feed you at the weddings?

Yes. When you sign the contract with us, we do require you feed us at the reception. We typically bring protein bars and water so we have the energy to work during the first part of the day. However, we don’t take pictures during dinner service, so that's a good time to feed us. The time we eat is completely negotiable and not an important issue.

Can family and friends take pictures at our wedding?

Yes, of course, they can. The people in your life want to document the amazing time they had at your wedding. Yet, there are a few parts of the day where we request images be photographed by our team. First Looks need to be private. Also, we ask for your cooperation during the family formal or posed portrait section of the day. Guest may take images of the family formal set up if they do not disrupt the flow of the session. Flash photographer, other than the studios, is not permitted during this time.

What do you do when you’re not shooting weddings?

Ah, yes, what about my life. Well, since you asked: Yoga and kickboxing are activities I try to practice daily. I also photograph boudoir photography. We only accept a small number of weddings a year. I like to fill my other weekends with empowering women through the gift of photography! Interested in boudoir session, please contact me through the website.

We are available for food photography, lifestyle shoots, and corporate events. Contact us for more information at

When should we book?

NOW! What are you waiting for? Let’s get this Team Wheaton train moving at full speed! Click this link to contact us.