Emotional Wedding Lake Oconee Ritz Carlton
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Emotional Wedding Lake Oconee Ritz Carlton

Experience the Timeless Elegance of Ritz-Carlton Lake Oconee

Experience the timeless elegance of Ritz-Carlton Lake Oconee weddings captured in natural light. This touching black-and-white photo of a bride and her mother sharing a precious, nostalgic moment.

Nestled by the tranquil waters of Lake Oconee, this venue not only provides a picturesque lakefront backdrop and a profoundly personal atmosphere. Each ceremony is infused with unique stories and memories, making every moment unforgettable. This couple is no stranger to the beauty and uniqueness of Lake Oconee, as the bride's family spent so much time and made many memories at the lake. It was the perfect location to make new memories. Here are some more beautiful images from their wedding story.

Both the Bride and Groom decided to use the cabins on the property for their getting-ready photos. I shot all the unique details, but I wanted to focus on the emotional and memorable sections of the wedding. Check out some of the sub-galleries if you'd like to see more detailed shots.

The Groom and His Bestman

The whole Groom Crew

The Bride and her Crew

The Bride and her Mom have some tearful moments.

The following few photos are an emerging composition. I recently entered the world of boudoir photography, and it has shaped the way I shoot bridal moments!

This image is explicitly a little boudoir and a little bridal!

All dressed and ready, tears filled her eyes. My heart needs resuscitation.

After these emotional Getting Ready Shots, we moved to the Ceremony location. The Bride and Groom decided to have a traditional short Mass at Crist Our King and Savior Catholic Church, which is very close to the venue. If you're Catholic, this is THE location in Lake Oconee. The staff is friendly, and they lay out the rules quickly. I'm grateful for their flexibility because some Catholic Churches will only allow you to shoot from the back or behind a door in more strict wedding venues. I love working with Crist, Our King and Savior, because they think of the couple and make the ceremony profoundly personal and spiritual! Check out the most emotional photos from the ceremony.

They hadn't seen each other, so this is everyone's reaction, especially the Groom's.

After the ceremony, we had time to relax (just a little), and we shot the Bride and Groom together. It's the first time the couple has been alone together, so I would like to shoot more creative shots to let them sit with all the moments they have just experienced. A photo like the next one always takes a little extra time to set up, but it's totally worth it. The couple is doing a simple pose to chat and be in the moment while I set it up!

We moved outside to photograph the outside of the church, and I was surprised by an excellent getaway car. The moment I found out that "the doors go up!" I immediately knew what I wanted to do. The bride reminded me after the wedding that she'll never forget that moment. Again, can someone resuscitate me?

Because I'm a very time-sensitive photographer, we immediately returned to the Ritz to get memorable photos on the lake. The couple has so many great memories in the lake that we had no choice!

On to the reception! I love destination weddings because most of the couple's friends and family stay at the venue. And you can not beat the Ritz, so why not? When they let loose, I'm on the dance floor to capture the thoughtful hugs, hilarious laughter, and stellar dancing. The couple and their family and friends did not disappoint.

Let's start with the couple's nontraditional first dance. My heart is outside my body, so I'm running on pure adrenaline and salty tears!

A little bit of Grease action, if you didn't notice!

Next, a little cake and toast.

Finally, it's time to dance!

I love it when the couple stay together!

This moment always hits me right in the memory bone. It's one of those images where I'm lucky to be in the right place. I love that my perspective is the POV of the couple. My job is to help my couples fill in the blanks on such a fast-paced and emotional day. The two hands in the frame represent their entire reception, singing with the couple on the dance floor. It is one of those moments for the couple if I still react emotionally.