Hilton Downtown Nashville Wedding Photography
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Hilton Downtown Nashville Wedding Photography

Ah, look at this Nashville, Tennessee beautiful bride. I met my first Nashville bride, thanks to another photographer in the area that hosted a gallery review at his home. I'm very thankful for what I took away from that meeting.Nashville Hilton Hotel Bride

Nashville, I'm an extremely different photographer for your area and I'm thrilled to meet clients who can see the difference. I like ballrooms, lights, emotions and diversity! Hotel lighting excite me. I like unique lighting situations and the freedom to experiment in those situations. I like the control you have in a hotel room lighting situation. I search for clean lines and none distracting background so you are the subject of the photo. I want your emotions to shine through, Nashville brides and grooms. My first wedding in Music City took place at the Hilton Downtown Nashville.

Nashville Groom Wedding Photography Hilton

There are some great locations to take wedding pictures at the Hilton Downtown Nashville. The suites are very modern and have perfect natural window lighting. I love the way the light makes the color of the walls pop! Right outside the door of these suites is a long corridor with great lighting for portraits:

My favorite location to shoot at the Hilton would have to be the lobby area. It can get busy from time to time, but I like to ask guest nicely if they don't mind moving for a sec. Most people see a bride in her stunning white dress and love to oblige. It's a wonderful place to shoot bridal party portraits:

Nashville Hilton Hotel Downtown Wedding Photos

However, the Hilton has a totally different feel at night. Since we like working with off-camera flash, we love dark lobbies with interesting lights.Here is a cool "night time shot:"


This unique shot was stylized by Sharon and Bowie held the light in just the right place. We love the effect and enjoy working with difficult lighting situations. Here are a few other examples of situations where Bowie and I had to create the light and make it work for us:

Shooting against glass tanks at the Georgia Aquarium takes some work. You can't allow the flash to bounce, or spill, all over the tank. Bowie is holding the light to my right, up and over the couples head.

Wedding Photography Atlanta Georgia Aquarium

Photographing weddings at a place like the Georgia Aquarium has it's challenges, but it's totally worth the pay off.

As a photographer, you should be able to step into any lighting situation and figure out how to style that location and design an interesting portrait. We like to capture real moments and create interesting portraits. As all wedding photographers know, you have to be quick, so time management is a very important part of how we photography any wedding day.

Location: 121 4th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201.