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Family Formals


Below is a Family Formal suggestion list to keep the Family Formal section from being lengthy. Keeping the list short will ensure we move quickly through formals. If there aren't enough spaces, add them to the "Extra Family Formals" section of the form.


As you may notice from the images above, group photos with ten or fewer people look the best and feel intimate. Picture groupings with less than ten people will look best and keep the chaos factor minimum. We pride ourselves on keeping this section of the day as relaxed as the rest of your wedding day. Letting important family members know when and where they need to be before the wedding is a great help. We will provide that information on the final timeline no less than a week before the wedding. Anytime possible, have image groupings containing both clients for an even flow. Please refrain from "adding" or "subtracting" whenever possible. There is a section at the bottom of this form called "Reception Group Pictures." Those images should be for friends, not part of the bridal party, and extended family pictures. We want to be sure we capture your reception's essence, so try to keep reception image lists small. We will be all over the dance floor taking pictures of the party, and those images will be the ones you cherish for years to come. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me by email at