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Nashville Parthenon Wedding Photographer

Parthenon Nashville Wedding Photographer

Looking for a wedding photographer in Nashville? Look no further! I specialize in capturing the joy and vibrancy of your special day. This stunning night photo of Nashville's iconic Parthenon, surrounded by colorful streamers and the majestic gold statue of Athena, is the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Whether you're looking for energetic, memorable wedding photography in unique settings like the Parthenon ballroom or more traditional wedding photography, I'm here to help make your wedding night unforgettable! Additionally, I have more photos from the unique Nashville wedding venue, the Parthenon and Centennial Park in West End Nashville.

The couple decided to have their first look in a private space outside the Parthenon! Here's their first look

After the initial shots, we headed to the front of the Parthenon to take some formal photographs. The couple is part of Nashville's theatrical community, and they have a unique and memorable look. Their style reminded me of American Gothic, one of the most well-known paintings from 20th-century America. This painting has been widely parodied in American popular culture, and I really enjoyed seeing their interpretation of it.

Their version of the painting differs from the original because the bride faces the viewer, me, directly. This is a significant deviation from most other imitations. The original intention of the painting was to use it as a satirical commentary on the reluctance of rural Americans to keep pace with the modern world. However, the couple's ultimately subverted this message. The bride's purposeful and defined gaze, which I saw through my camera lens, clearly conveyed that the couple has moved beyond rural stereotypes and is a united front. It was a powerful statement on women's rights and men's understanding and support of feminism!

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On to something a little less eccentric, we feature their very animated full bridal party photo! The ring bearer's reaction should not be overlooked.

We moved further into the park to shoot these classic bride-and-groom images. I'm using two skills to create this look: the stunning sunset light in the sunken garden and flash to create these dynamic images!

Moving on to the wedding ceremony in front of the museum! I absolutely adore it when the officiant ensures that the couple acknowledges all their loved ones who joined their special day. This is particularly crucial for Eidetic memory. People travel from all corners of the world to be with the ones they love. If I can capture the moment when the officiant makes the couple pause and take in the sight of their guests, they will remember those people and their interactions with them at the wedding. I wish more officiants would adopt this practice!

I love this panoramic view of such a unique venue in Nashville.

Nashville Parthenon Wedding  Photos

Marriage BLISS!

Iconic cake cutting!

Nashville Parthenon Wedding Reception Photography

I quickly directed my couple for a few empty dance floor spins before giving instructions for their dramatic exit.

This is the first moment of the couple's final goodbye, a little spin on the empty dance floor. Memories are made at the beginning of something significant. It's like waiting to exhale; as a photographer, I can witness it happening in real-time. I only have to breathe as they exhale.

Location: 2500 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203 .