Ritz Carlton Sandy Creek Barn

Ritz Carlton Sandy Creek Barn

This weekend’s wedding at the Ritz Carlton Sandy Creek Barn, in beautiful lake-living-fashion, the sun bestowed all its favor on us as it faded into twilight. It’s times like this that I struggle with being an artist and serving my clients well. With timelines being what they are, clients are usually eating dinner during sunset. In most cases, I simply leave the choice to join me for an image up to the client; however, I would say my approach in asking said question leads my clients in the right direction. I say, “this image will haunt me if I don’t give-it-a-shot.” 😉 Most of the time clients are ready to move the moment they hear my pitch. Thankfully Molly and James had time for drinks and to enjoy most of their dinner just as dusk was upon us. While we were shooting, I decided to show the back of my camera to the two of them and they thanked me for asking them to give these image a chance. Molly looked at the back of my camera and exclaimed, “that looks fake!” I burst into laughter at one of the best quotes of the day! I love my job.

Seconds to Set Up

Because I wanted to be sure my client enjoyed dinner with their guests, we only had a few seconds to capture this beautiful shot at sunset. Bowie and I ran, literally, ahead of Molly and James to test this shot. We were able to get a few poses before the sun completely disappeared. Can you believe Mrs. Molly’s unbelievable Francesca Miranda dress? Stunning!

reynolds lake oconee sandy creek barn

Starry Nights and Starry Eyes

The sun was not the only star that made an appearance on this beautiful wedding day; the stars were out and aligned for true lovers. I was happy to finally successfully shoot a long exposure image.  We love working with Morgan at the Ritz Carlton Sandy Creek Barn and look forward to working with such a wonderful team in the near future.

ritz carlton sandy creek barn

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