Fine Art Albums

PriceSheet_Albums-2Memories get lost in the shuffle of life. We see our life so clearly weeks or months after they’ve passed, but as years move forward, our clarity begins to fade. Your wedding is the beginning of your life as a team; that day should be sharp and focused in your mind forever. No matter what the digital future holds, a printed photograph will withstand our technological reality. A tangible collection of your images allows you to relive the day without the distraction of a screen or the hassle of a password. Memories should be alive and shared everyday; not stuffed away waiting to be discovered.

All of our Fine Art Albums are printed on museum quality paper. The paper and the vivid inks used are the highest archival quality. Each are designed to last 150 years or more. All albums come with 30 pages and are custom design by Sharon Theresa Wheaton. Our formal education in Graphic Design allows us to tell your story in a simplistic, yet visually stimulated way. We offer several variations of styles to fit your taste and budget needs. To make this process as simple as possible, we ask for 15-20 images from your personal online gallery. From there, we work with you to review the perfect narration of your wedding.

After our first draft, we allow time for review. You can switch photos, cut pages or make any changes to perfect the album to your liking. Once you approve the album, we send it to our vendor for completion.

If you have any questions, please contact the studio and we will be happy to help!