Rest Recoup Refocus Completely

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Rest Recoup Refocus

Greetings Internet,

If you have been following my page for a while, you may have seen some sporadic updates. Today, that all changes. I have lived in Nashville for over a year now. Over this year, I have had my time to rest, recoup and refocus in my life and business. While I was resting something really amazing happened; I turned into a new version of Sharon Theresa Wheaton.

Pain, Happiness, and Drive

2016 and now 2017 has been very interesting for Team Wheaton. We’ve had some pain and we’ve had some happiness. Having time to grieve this past year has been very helpful, but I still have more growth to experience. I am now focused and ready to work towards my dreams as a strong business owner. No more fear. No more worry and no more regret. My drive is back in full force and I’m ready to share it with the world. I’m thankful for the amazing clients I have had through this refocus period because they helped me understand what I’ve always know about myself and Team Wheaton; we rock, our work is amazing and we are a really efficient husband and wife, wedding photography team!

My new goal is to add decent writer to that list. Will I make mistakes? Oh yes. Will I fix those mistakes and move forward? Absolutely. I will no longer think and worry about being perfect. My plan is to act, make mistakes, fall on my face, look silly and then, get up and get better. Somewhere along the way, I forgot that making mistakes is how you get better. Somehow I forgot that making mistakes is how I made it here, but I will forget no more. I can rejoice with a happy heart, knowing I’ve become a stronger person both personally and professionally. 

Lessons from the Hora

To kick off this new day, let’s start with one of my favorite moments at a Jewish wedding, the Hora. The hora is super emotional for me. I like to dig in deep. I must be in the inner circles of the dancing. Needing to feel all the raw emotion of this honorary dance means sometimes getting smacked in the nose with an elbow. The very first Hora I ever shot, I felt like I was in a mosh pit. After being stepped on, smacked on the back and elbowed in the face, I couldn’t get enough. I went diving in for more.

I realized recently that as much as I love this song and dance, I have no idea what the lyrics to Hava Nagila mean. When I looked up the words, I knew a post about the Hora was the perfect way to reintroduce myself to the world. The words are simple but have so much meaning:

Hava nagila
Hava nagila ve-nismeḥa
Hava neranenah
Hava neranenah ve-nismeḥa
Uru aḥim be-lev sameaḥ

These words translated into English are:

Let’s rejoice
Let’s rejoice and be happy
Let’s sing
Let’s sing and be happy
Awake my brothers with a happy heart

and yes, dear internet, thanks to the support of so many people, I have awoken with a happy heart! I will rejoice, sing and be happy!

Until next time, Cheers, Salude, L’chaim!

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