What was your first impression of Sharon Theresa Wheaton?
Sharon and Bowie are a fun and creative wife and husband team who really take the time to know you before and after the agreement to work together. We are happy to say that we are all still friends today, months after the wedding!

Did your impression of us change as the wedding process progressed?
Not at all; it was a great balance of friendship and guidance from two professional experts to ensure that the job was  done. They captured every shot of both our engagement and wedding day. On the day of our wedding, Bowie and Sharon were basically a second set of planners. They know how to guide the day, communicating in a stress free way and work very well with all our vendors and family to establish a trust with everyone. They took the time to reach out to Stella Harper Events, our event planners, to arrange their ideas and  know all the vendors are on the same page.
Ultimately why did you deiced to hire Sharon Theresa Wheaton?
We greatly appreciated the time they took in getting to know us. It was from their initial meeting and seeing their work that we knew they were the right fit. They also offered great packages that fit our needs and even added special touches along the way.  They reassured we picked the right team for a very important time in our lives!